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Katdana Lace

New Fancy Katdana Lace Antic Gold Colour.
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- Estimated Handling Time: 2 days


Presenting a stunning, designer handmade trim, made by us !
Made with slender bugle beads or nalki or cutdana as they are called in India, and embellished with small gold beads. Nalki are long tubular beads, made with glass or acrylic, with a glossy surface and a smooth finish. This trim is created with a row of beautiful bugle beads, achieved by stringing the beads together, and sewing all of them neatly and painstakingly in a line. The trim is created on the edge of a light gold fabric base, which makes it easy to sew it onto any fabric you want to. The effect created is that of a beautiful fringe lace. A work of love that only the most experienced artists can achieve. And a piece of art that is sure to add a mix of glamour and grace to any outfit!

You could use this trim in various ways, such as -
- Designing Bridal/ wedding wear, cocktail dresses
- Fringing your favourite jackets, tops 
- Decorating exquisite home linen - curtain tiebacks, throws, table covers
- Designing Jewelry 
- Creative Handbags
- Accessories like chokers, waist belts
- Home Décor like Lamps, Table Runners
and any other use your creativity can come up with !

Dimensions : 9 Meters  (only fringe, not counting the net base)

Colours - Antic Gold Bugle Beads, Small gold beads


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